Antonio Cairoli

  • Discipline
  • Date of birth
    23 september 1985
  • Birth place

Tony Cairoli rightfully reached the Olympus of the motorcycling world, especially in the motocross one, in which he won 9 World Championships. No other Italian rider has ever won as much as him and now he’s ranked second position of riders with the most titles, following the 10 times World Champion Stefan Everts.

He is the indisputable king of the past 15 years, thanks to spectacular control of the bike together with his natural talent. Tony is a friendly person, always willing to meet his fans, presenting himself not only as the champion he is, but also as a humble, simple guy. Over the years, Tony became a treasured public figure, esteemed by both fans and companies who strongly believe in and want him as their symbol. He is a true icon.

He was the first champion to be supported by a professional team that takes care of contracts and communications, using traditional channels and social media, where he counts millions of followers.

Now he is one of the winningest riders in the history of the sport, achieving at least one GP victory for each of the 18 seasons contested in the Motocross World Championship. No one has ever won as much until now.

An all-round champion, who reached his final consecration, thanks to his success and his staff of professionals who support him day by day.

Now he has a new challenge with Ducati, for a historic debut of the Italian manufacturer in the motocross world.

Speed, Mud and Glory




times Motocross World Champion


times Italian Motocross Champion


time Motocross of Nations World Champion


Rally is one of Tony’s passions, and over the years it has become a reality. In fact, in 2011 he decided for the first time to get involved with four wheels, participating in the Memorial Bettega. From 2013 the rider, supported by the Magneti Marelli Checkstar Team, has been taking part in the Monza Rally Show, a traditional motorsport event that usually ends the agonistic season of the year. In 2015 and 2023 he attended the Rally Legend of San Marino, where he triumphed in both edition over world-class drivers, taking the overall win.

The partnership between Tony and Magneti Marelli Checkstar is firm and growing year on year; Tony is an example of how willpower and rigorous application, in addition to his innate talent, can yield important results and the Team is determined to offer him the tools and support for ever better results.



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