About us

Italian and international talents

Neox is a management agency based on the experience of handling global athletes, grown in conjunction with 9 time Motocross World Champion Antonio Cairoli and other riders.

The knowledge and expertise of sport, motorsport, communication, sponsorship and public relations, together with its own connections with international partners, are the basis of the service that Neox provides.

Neox takes full 360° care of all its athletes, in both a sporting and an appearance perspective, without limits of age or discipline. These athletes compete in a varity of sports including motocross, rally and jetski. Neox is not only limited to sport but also represents artists from the music industry.

The agency manages the professional and personal image of its athletes in every aspect. This includes the development and management of prestigious partnerships, and the creation of important, strategically tailored projects for each athlete.



Improve the sport's world

To enhance the individuality and optimize the media potential of each athlete using the professional know-how of the staff and the network of Neox’s partners.

All of this can be invested in new talents, giving them all the necessary tools to develop their abilities and means of communication. Moreover, to work alongside prominent champions and aide the capability to increase their communicative influence.


How we treat a talent

Neox aims to be a reference point for both young athletes who wish to turn their passion into a profession and for successful athletes that have the desire or the need of consolidating their image in the industry.

Neox aims are mostly two:

To insert young talents into the system by developing their positioning in the sport with a clear image and managing the support of their relationships with partners, sponsors and media;

To handle the management of world class athletes, developing new projects with high visibility and creating interest with potential investors to get them involved into advantageous partnership activities.



Antonio Cairoli


Tony Cairoli rightfully reached the Olympus of the motorcycling world, especially in the motocross one, in which he won 9 World Championships.

Gianluca Facchetti


Gianluca Facchetti, born 2000, is one of the biggest young talents of Italian motocross. This season he joined the Hutten Metaal Yamaha Racing and he will compete in the European 250cc Championship.

Nicolò Bulega


Nicolò Bulega, a promising Moto2 rider, will be part of Federal Oil Gresini Moto2 Team for the next two seasons.


DJ, producer

KOM is one of the most promising Italian DJ/Producer supported by some of the biggest names of the scene.

Rui Gonçalves


Rui Gonçalves is one of the most respected and hard working riders in the motorcycle world.

Edoardo Vergani


Edoardo Vergani, born 6th of February 2001 in Segrate (MI), today is one of the most promising strikers of the national football U17. From August 2014, he entered Inter FC youth sector where he is refining his technique, taking advantage of his natural qualities.

Business Development

Improving companies' potencial

Neox is not only the bridge which connects International brands but also evaluates and defines the potential investment level in any aspect. This additional side of Neox’ character has increased the value of the Company becoming the sponsorship marketing agency for important and respected brands. Every brand has the dream to get to people’s heart by making them living their passions.

The link between different sectors’ companies and the sport world is an evolution process which leads to search for new opportunities that can give a prestigious value to both the actors enforcing a long term relationship. The sport world and the Company take the step to link together to give out a message to their own public which belongs to different demographic speaking the same language. Sport is one of the communication’s tools which a Company has available to send out a message to a selected audience.

From 2019 Neox is very happy to have announced a prestigious partnership with KTM Motorsport.