The most beautiful race in the world

A unique competition in the world, along an unparalleled journey. Villages, cities and hills mark the long-awaited annual passage of the “Red Arrow”.

The most important regularity race for historic cars in the world.

A tribute to those territories that have always represented the charm of Italy that welcomes the Race. A vehicle for the promotion and sharing of values, a journey to discover the unique beauty and excellence of Italy, as unique as the most beautiful race in the world.

1000Miglia is the point of reference for those looking for unique emotions through experiences that are an expression of the passion for Italy, its artistic, social and cultural value.

1000Miglia has brought its spirit and way of life to the world and is now present with official events in Japan, the USA and soon in the UAE

1000 Miglia Green
A regularity race for alternative fuel cars that brings the pioneering spirit of 1000 Miglia into the present, under the banner of challenge

Crossing the future



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