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8 February 2024
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8 February 2024 neox

Neox is a management agency founded in 2020. We take care of our athletes at 360°, providing our experience in sports, communication and sponsoring.

We develop prestigious partnerships and projects aimed at increasing the market value of our athletes and the companies we collaborate with.

Furthermore, we are a leading agency in sponsoring marketing: we create value-enhancing projects by supporting companies in achieving their goals. We are able to provide comprehensive consultancy, from the idea to the realisation.


To enhance the uniqueness and optimise the media potential of individual athletes with the know-how and professionalism that characterise the Neox staff and network of collaborators.

We provide young talents with all the tools they need to develop their image. At the same time, we work alongside established champions to give them the opportunity to expand their opportunities and increase their communicative influence on the public.

The in-depth knowledge of the sporting world on the part of the people working at Neox also enables the agency to create beneficial connections for and between companies to whom sport is proposed as a means of communication and brand enhancement.


Neox is not only the bridge that brings international companies closer to athletes, but also assesses and defines the possible level of investment in every aspect for B2B and B2C projects. The dream of every brand is to reach people’s hearts by making them experience the emotions linked to their passions. This is possible through sport, which becomes a communication tool for companies to reach a selected audience.

We collaborate with KTM Motorsport, Lamborghini Squadra Corse, the 1000Miglia Group, and from 2023 with Scuderia1918, guaranteeing support in the study of new opportunities and in the planning of partnerships with new realities. We follow every step, from the search for possible collaborations to the implementation of activations in the field. In fact, thanks to our experience and network of contacts, Neox acts as a link to unite companies operating in different fields with the clear objective of making collaboration win/win.


Sport has the power to bring people together and arouse emotions. Being able to live an experience in one of these contexts is the dream of every fan, which is why companies are always looking for opportunities to give their customers a unique moment.

Neox creates tailor-made packages for companies interested in giving the gift of a sporting, adrenalin-fuelled thrill. From MotoGP to MXGP, the Ski World Cup and the MilleMiglia, we can devise the perfect solution for you, to help you further increase your customer loyalty.

By participating in these major events, new B2B opportunities can arise for the companies themselves.


Athlete Management

Neox takes full 360° care of all its athletes, managing the professional and personal image of its athletes in every aspect. This includes the development and management of prestigious partnerships, and the creation of important, strategically tailored projects for each athlete.

Business Development

Neox Managements offers service to other businesses, evaluating and defining marketing and sponsoring strategies aimed to establish partnerships between companies of any kind of sector and the sport world.


We take care of the relationships between our athletes’ and the sponsors and press, managing their social media and web platforms and being on their side in all their extra activities.

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