Neox is a management agency that is based on the experiesce of taking care of athletes on a globalscale, grown alongside the 9th times Motocross World Champion Antonio Cairoli and other riders.

The knowledge and expertise in the fields of sport, motorsport, communication, sponsorship and public relations are the basis of the service that Neox can offer, together with his own connection with international partners.

Neox takes care of his athlets at 360°, in both sporting and appearance prespective, without limits of age or discipline, collaborating with athletes competing in different sports, including otocross, rally, jetsky, and with artist of the music field.

The agency handles the sporting/artistic and personal image of its athlets/artists under every aspect, developing and managing for them prestigeous partnership, to create important and strategic projects.


To enhance the peculiarities and to optimize the media potential of each atleth/artist using the know-how and the professionalism of the staff and the network of Neox partners.

All of this can be translated into investing in new talents, giving them all the necessary tools to develope abilities and means of communication and, morover, to work along prominent champions that can help them increase their capability and the communicative influence on public.


Neox aims to be a reference point for both young athlets who wish to turn their passion into a profession that for successfull athlets that has the desire or the need of consolidating their image on the market, in order to increase their media and communicative influence.

Neox aims are mostly two:

  • To insert the young talents into the system, creating their positioning with a well clear image and supporting them in the management of their relationships with partners, sponsors and media;
  • To handle the management of well know athlets, developping new project with high visibility that can give advantages to the athlet, and, together with this, creating interest in potencials investors to get them involved into partnership activities.